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Our vision and mission is to bring communities and film makers together to create films that have a social and environmental impact.

To entertain. To transform. To empower.

By working with filmmakers and communities we are giving people the opportunity to express and articulate their fears, hopes, aspirations and solutions.

We want filmmakers from all over the world to create to recreate. 

We will support filmmakers by providing the festival platform and links to a new and vibrant network of social and environmental professionals.

New film makers with potential that don’t get chosen for the festival will be encouraged to engage.  Advice and support from experienced and more established filmmakers will be on offer be on offer to nurture new talent from all backgrounds.

With Pear Partnership we want to encourage everyone to set sustainability  goals and work to build an industry that will be part of the solution. One of our judges has specific responsibility for social and environmental impact, and will be working with the Directors to set criteria and goals that film makers can aspire to.

Please enjoy this short film. Our profession is stepping forward.

Good luck and we all look forward to working with you.

The Soho London Independent Film Festival lays the ground for a post-Covid local, national and international collaboration to promote and develop positive environmental and social impact content. Showing great new films from every genre, we’re supporting and nurturing curiosity, new talent and transformation through the art of film-making.

Working with film-makers and local communities to bring together insight, voice and creative opportunity, we encourage filmmakers to listen, feel the pulse of communities and hold up the proverbial mirror to society.

Our festival is a platform for learning and networking. From our prestigious film-makers panel discussions with industry experts to creating production and project development network, the Soho London Film Festival intends to develop as a proactive agent of change not a passive recipient of film content.


Submissions 2021

Submissions for 2021 can be made now through FilmFreeway. Remember that we are very keen on a broad range of entertaining content across all genres. Engaging films that have the intention to have a social and environmental impact on viewers are very welcome.

Submit at FilmFreeway 


We want to see films that encourage viewers to ask the questions “Why?” and “What part am I playing in our social, cultural, political and environmental dis-ease.

Our Awards

We are so passionate about this mission we will be awarding a prestigious Social and Environmental Impact Impact Award.