Day 1 – Thursday 17 November

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Block 1:  11.30am – 1pm



FLUFFYPUNK documents the insecurities, instabilities, and conflicts that plague the life of a performer. Trying to balance the responsibilities of parenthood, artistic integrity, and personal happiness is anything but fluffy!

Starring Jonny Fluffypunk aka Jon Seagrave a comedy performance poet based in Stroud Gloucester UK.

DirectorThomas Harman


One More Guest?

Star-Crossed Lovers – but Juliette has Dementia.

One woman struggles with the past. Another lives joyfully in the present – thanks to early stage dementia. To avoid being separated from her lover, the elderly Juliette elopes, triggering a showdown between her uptight daughter and well-meaning grandson.

Comedy Drama inspired by the writer’s mum.

DirectorEdilberto Restino


Letter To You

Sheltered in her own world of music and carefreeness, a curious young girl fights against a mysterious melancholia as she whizzes on her roller-skates around the most colourful London.

Director – Niccolò Salvato



A short documentary following Grace David’s journey with trichotillomania, a compulsive hair pulling disorder. The film explores the sensory experience of having the condition as well as exploring how close relationships are impacted as a result of having the condition.

DirectorLouise Deverux

Public Displays of Affection

A short documentary exploring the experiences and opinions LGBTQ+ people have about publicly displaying their love for their partners’.

DirectorCallum Roome



In a House, At Night

On Halloween night, in a women’s shelter, 7-year-old Lynn sulks about missing her old house and dares to leave her mother’s bed in a tantrum, hurting her. Separated and alone, the young girl re-encounters fear as witness of the asleep victims’ nightmares, while Alice, her mother, dangerously ponders about calling back her husband so to give Lynn her family again.

DirectorTomás Ferreira



Dragged Up

Dragged Up is a comedy drama about family, identity and drag that follows a shy and awkward teenager who secretly uses her drag king persona to find the inner confidence she needs to show her family who she truly is.

DirectorLaura Jayne Tunbridge


Q and A with the filmmakers



Panel:  2.30pm – 3.30pm


Block 2:  4pm – 6.30pm


5697 Pounds

Ricky, a loving husband, and father, is met with an impossible choice as he faces off with a mysterious armed intruder hellbent on the ultimate revenge.

Director – David Merritt


Thrill Of Missing Out

Thrill of Missing Out documents the lives of couple Sarah and Mel on the brink of becoming parents and how they overcame Sarah’s addiction to missing things.

Directors – Robert Gilbert, Griffin Stevens



Football is everything to Kam who has lived near the Ainsworth Estate pitch all his life.

In 2013, with his good friend Hassan, Kam approached the Arsenal Foundation to resurface the pitch from concrete to astroturf.

He is now a Coach to the local kids and this area represents so much more than just a playing field.

It is the beating heart of the Estate and football, the international language that binds the entire community together.

DirectorSam Blake Talbot

August Sky

As the Amazon burns for the seventeenth day, a nurse in Sao Paulo finds herself drawn to a neo-Pentecostal church.

Director – Jasmin Tenucci


A female led drama following a mixed race adoptee, Amee, searching for her birth parents and her identity.

Amee turns up at her birth mother’s door, the woman she’s been thinking of all her life. A white woman called Miriam lets her in but after an awkward reunion, frustrated Amee doesn’t have what she was looking for. When teenage mum Belle turns up, Amee is pushed aside, Belle knows nothing about Amee’s existence and Miriam tries to keep the sisters apart. Amee’s bruised by this deceit and leaves. But Amee hears Belle arguing with her mum as she storms off with her baby. Amee follows her to the park. Belle’s decision about the future of her baby, forces Amee to confront her own adoption


Mary Todd Lincoln, who is committed to an insane asylum by her last living relative, tries to prove her sanity with the help of a medium and her dead son.

Based on true events.

Director – Cat Dale

The Sprayer

In the land occupied with the sprayer’s army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.

So many of the people and soldiers do not even know how a plant grows or looks, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his curiosity is just the beginning of something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary.

Director – Farnoosh Abedi

Q&A with the filmmakers

7pm – Opening Night Party