Industry professionals tips 2022

Check out our most recent interviews with some industry professionals sharing their tips on making it in the world of film and TV. Between them they share how their own career paths unfolded, the importance of film festivals and other tips that may help you all to navigate your own journeys.

DOP David Raedeker

Award winning DOP David Raedeker (My Brother The Devil Sundance Festival winner) shares how his journey started for him at just age 10, he still uses the same agent he got making his first short film and a lucky break that got him his first feature film experience.

David Raedeker – IMDB


Line Producer Karl Liegis

Line Producer and Co-Producer Karl Liegis (The Essex Serpent, This is England) has most recently worked with Apple TV.  He shares that experience and also talks through the amazing results that the plan to be greener and more environmentally friendly had on his film projects.

Karl Liegis- IMDB

Casting Director Janis Jaffa

Casting Director Janis Jaffa (Skin Walker, Meet The Magoons) talks us through some of the challenges and triumphs she’s encountered, making those connections and relationships, and how covid has affected life and talent searches moving forward.

Janis Jaffa – IMDB