The filmmakers from our 2021 Festival

Here’s a selection of interviews from the filmmakers in our 2021 festival.

William Ash & Andy Knott – Joey

Liz Farahadi talks to William Ash & Andy Knott about the making of their film Joey starring John Simm.

The film is about a lonely clown working in a forgotten seaside resort who falls in love and is forced to confront a terrible secret he’s been hiding.

Joey – IMDB

Aaron Tuss – The Rob Knox Story

Aaron Tuss the Director and friend of Rob Knox talks about his documentary telling the story of the Harry Potter Actor who was stabbed and killed attempting to protect his younger brother during a bar room brawl.

(K) nox: The Rob Knox Story – IMDB

Colin Knox & Ray Winstone

Liz Farahadi talks to Ray Winstone and Colin Knox, the father of  the Harry Potter Actor Rob Knox who was stabbed and killed attempting to protect his younger brother during a bar room brawl. They talk about the documentary and knife crime issues in the UK.

The Rob Knox Foundation.

ADCooper – Put Away

Here John Higgins interviews ADCooper the writer/producer/director of Put Away the multi award winning short film. The film is set in Set in North London in 1965, where Prudence reflects on a lifetime of isolation as she tries to keep sane.

Put Away –

Carrie Kendall – Esther

John Higgins talks to Carrie-Ann Kendall about her debut documentary film Esther that deals with issues of mental health and eating disorders.

Carrie-Ann Kendall – linkedin

Desi Ivanova – Paris was a Woman

Liz Farahadi talks with Desi Ivanova, writer/producer/actor about how they got a big budget production look with a small about of money. The film tells the true story of Natalie Barney a legendary figure in late 19th century France.

Paris was a Woman – IMDB

Sulymaan Hameed – In the Name of God

John Higgins talks with Sulymaan Hameed about co directing In the Name of God.

The film is about a devout Woodcutter struggles with his morality after an encounter with the Devil.

In the Name of God –

Phillippa Crabb – Wearing Thin

Phillippa Crabb writer/producer/actor on Wearing Thin,  a short film about a relationship gripped by the effects of an eating disorder. Phillippa talks with John Higgins about getting the film made.

Wearing Thin – IMDB

Joe Solomon & Francesca Reid – Eve

John Higgins talks with Joe Solomon and Francesca Reid about their multi-award winning short Eve, the story of a newly married woman faces anxiety, panic and stress at her wedding reception as she finally acknowledges her repressed attraction to women.

Eve – IMDB