The Mission Statement

The Butterfly Effect.

Entertaining.  Challenging. Transforming. Empowering.#rebelliousfilmmakers

 “A single pebble dashed out across the ocean leaves a lifetime of ripples.

The beat of a butterfly’s wing can stir a leaf around the world …call it the “Butterfly Effect”

Our vision and mission is to encourage communities and film makers to work together to create films with social and environmental impact.

Working with filmmakers and communities we will give people opportunity to express and articulate their fears, hopes, aspirations and solutions.

We will encourage filmmakers from all over the world to create to recreate – to encourage every viewer to move from being a passive consumer to an active contributor.

 We will support filmmakers, new and established, by providing the festival platform and associated opportunities.

We will develop links to an emerging network of social and environmental active professionals in the film and finance industries, and those who are actively on their hero’s journey to save planet and people.

New film makers with potential, but who don’t get chosen for the festival, will be encouraged to join our network to benefit from advice and support available from experienced and more established filmmakers.

The Soho Subscription and programme of activity will develop in 2022/3. Watch out for details.

We will encourage everyone involved, and who shares our mission, to set sustainability goals for their work and help build an industry and partnerships that are part of the solutions – personally, locally and globally.   One of our judges has specific responsibility for social and environmental impact and will be working with the Directors to set criteria and goals that film makers can aspire to meet and achieve.

This short film  – an example of how the profession is stepping up and stepping forward – sheds a light on our mission.