Trailers – Comedy

Here’s all the trailers for our comedy section of this year’s festival  2022.



Completing the trilogy of wickedly dark comedy shorts that began with Spider and Bear, Nash Edgerton finds a perfect match in Rose Byrne as Sofie, a woman who loves pranks just as much as Jack, Edgerton’s onscreen alter ego. Alas, the couple’s quest to outdo each other may lead to the most outrageous calamity of all.

Director – Nash Edgerton


Thrill Of Missing Out

Thrill of Missing Out documents the lives of couple Sarah and Mel on the brink of becoming parents and how they overcame Sarah’s addiction to missing things.

Directors – Robert Gilbert, Griffin Stevens

Sliced Bread

Sliced Bread is a comedy short film in which we imagine what a world would look like if Sliced Bread had never been invented – and what would happen in 21st Century society if suddenly it was.

Director – Gulliver Moore


Two women discover being a surgeon can mean very different things.

Surgeons is the latest micro comedy short from the award-winning Double Yellow Productions.

After the resounding success of Best Friends (winner of three international film awards), Megan and Craig are delighted to be working together again.

Director – Craig Talbot


Forecast: Overcast

Marcus, a young and freshly evaporated cloud, sets out to explore the skies in the hope of finding his place. Little did he know that the sky is nothing like he imagined and can be quite hostile to the young and naïve.

Director – Julie Magnaudet


Cassie, a teenage wannabe actress, has lied to get a second audition for a new BBC show, but how far will she go to land the part?

A dark comedy of insensitivity and dog-eat-dog ambition in a world in lockdown.

Created remotely across the UK and Spain during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, using Zoom and zero budget.

Directors – Phil Viner & Luke André Jackson