Trailers – Experimental

Here are all the Experimental trailers in this year’s festival  2022.


Five girls born to French families of the African diaspora are confronted with a murder. On an uninhabited island near Marseille the girls battle to find the truth and escape back to civilisation. Power dynamics within the group are tested and their mascot, partially sighted, Kassandra, could be the only one who can divine the crime and lead them back to safety.

Director – Ivar Wigan

Victor Hugo- A Vianden

As a human rights defender, the French author Victor Hugo fought for equality and justice. As a politician, he campaigned for a united, peaceful Europe, and the paintings and drawings of the artist Victor Hugo show vividly the turbulent times he lived in. This short film is a musical and visual interpretation of Victor Hugo’s poem ‘A Vianden’.

Director – James Chan-A-Sue


A young woman wakes up in the middle of an apocalyptic, deserted world. As she meanders through the abandoned remains, she encounters a looming presence.

Director – Mickey Tetrov